Chapter — 1, Concept Of Ideation

Greetings to all entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and people with the will to do something in their spectacular life and make a mark in the history of mankind by achieving something that makes sense and benefits the whole humanity in a better way.

Every great achievement and every great story about success starts with a spark of an “idea” that ignites the whole fire where we could get benefited. For many, the idea has already been ignited or has already been sought out.
Still there are a few who have not yet found their destiny or have had that vision to motivate them and get invested with it.

Well, open your eyes and mind wide open to the concept of ideation called as “D.I.S.R.U.P.T.”, collectively this word means “Interrupting something with damage or destruction of some sort”. But when the word Disrupt is Disrupted it sure gives something positive.

D.I.S.R.U.P.T as an acronym
D = Derive
I = Include
S =Separate
R = Repurpose
U = Unite
P = Personalize
T = Transplant

DERIVE means to extend or modify an existing product or an idea into another thing that profits. For example, we all know that igloos existed for centuries in the colder regions, we even learnt it in our kindergartens. But, can you turn it into an business?
Well, yes you can!
Kakslauttanen arctic resort in Finland did that and is earning a net profit of 6 figures in USD. So, derive is all about taking a deep into the world for existing things and giving it a new life and new modifications for your benefit.

Kakslauttanen arctic resort

INCLUDE means to add or change the process of something to get something else that makes more sense and gets the mankind to get cozy in it.
For example, “Reva” and “Think” the first of it’s kind electric cars which was released to face a failure. Reva was from Mahindra an Indian based company but has a multiple issues in the battery and the design. That’s where Tesla Motors came in and gave the car a sporty look and an extended battery life and we all know that it was a great hit.

The INCLUDE and DERIVE method might sound the same but they are not. Because, Derive pivots the point of usage into another one whereas the Include add something to it for better usage and sales.

Mahindra Reva’s New sporty look

SEPARATE means to separate a specific functionality from an another existing greater business. For Example, Pinterest and Snapchat separated the idea of sharing images and pictures from that of Facebook. Even Instagram is on that but but they also added a more social connectivity than that of Pinterest.

Pinterest Logo

REPURPOSE means to repurpose the use or application of something into another by a more safer means to eliminate the difficulty and to be more cozy.
For example, Botox the poison which when injected causes paralyses and stop the heart [Sounds deadly,right?] But, it is now used in cosmetic surgeries after decreasing it’s toxicity to a minimum level and it is used to prevent wrinkles and cause slow aging of facial muscles.

A cosmetic surgery using Botox

UNITE means to unite/combine or multiple ideas which gets a lot of appreciation and recognition easily and gets the demand right on.
For example, Ouya combined Nintendo and Android to release a gaming console which went to the market and disrupted the Xbox’s market in a single strike. Even BBM messenger was created by combining the idea of Text messaging and Mail services at a faster pace.

Ouya Console

PERSONALIZE means to design and customize something that is already for a community or for an individual. For Example, Grindr is a gay dating app made of the same engine like tinder but focuses solely to support and aid the relationships of gay people. #LGBT

Grindr Logo

TRANSPLANT means to transplant an existing idea from one region to another region. Transplant is totally like the word used in medical science.
But here the body is the region and the product is the organ. For Example,
Uber was transplanted as Didi Kuaidi for the Chinese market and as Ola for the Indian market. Likewise Amazon was transplanted as Flipkart for the Indian market.

Didi Kuaiti App

So that brings us to the conclusion “Not all ideas are derived using D.I.S.R.U.P.T. method of ideation, But it has always paved way on ideating when you are looking for a market hitting product”
So, stop wasting your time and go do some brainstorming about this D.I.S.R.U.P.T. method with your friends if you need an market ready product.

Keep your minds as sharp as a sword and keep exploring for multiple opportunities because, an idea can only give you the torch in an dark night but opportunity paves you the way to walk towards the success.

See you until next Friday (B)Logging Off
Venkata Prashanth.R



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